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2 years ago

About the Dwoskin Family Foundation

About the Dwoskin Family Foundation


The primary focus of the Dwoskin Family Foundation is in autoimmune disease research in the areas of vaccine safety and advocacy. The foundation seeks to better understand the root causes of immune, inflammatory and cognitive disorders that affect both children and older adults with its research and articles having appeared in industry journals. The Dwoskin Family Foundation also contributed seed funding for the award winning documentary, The Greater Good, in which parents explore modern medicine. As founder of the foundation, Ms. Claire Dwoskin was recently recognized with the distinguished 2014 AESKU Award for Lifetime Contribution to Autoimmunity for her significant philanthropic efforts to the field of Autoimmunity. The Dwoskin Family Foundation supports vaccine researchstriving to offer a significant body of research to the current data on vaccine safety and looks to acknowledge gaps in the science, continually evaluating to determine what type of further research may be needed in the future. 


To learn more about the Albert and Claire Dwoskin Family Foundation, visit: